• "I have been very impressed with the overall durability of the Springback Tee. The Springback Tee has been a part of our hitting routine every practice this year, and they will continue to save us time during the season with it's spring coil system that returns the tee up to the proper hitting position after every swing."

    Anthony Everman
    Anthony EvermanArkansas State University
  • "In over 20 years of coaching baseball, these are the best Tee's I have ever used.  The durability and functionality of Eli's Springback Tee is unmatched."

    Jeremy Jorgensen
    Jeremy JorgensenDoane Tigers
  • "We have a lot people approach us with gimmicks of all kinds.  The Eli Spring back tee is no gimmick. It flat out works. We have had thousands of kids use the tee in the year and half that we have owned the tee. Still works!"

    Chance Beam
    Chance BeamEast Cobb Baseball Academy
  • "We have been using Eli's Springback Tees for several season's now, and are VERY satisfied with the product.  Our players not only love hitting off of the tees, and also love their versatility. As a coach I can honestly say I am impressed with the durablity of Eli's Springback Tee! And the service has been outstanding, I recommend this product line to any serious baseball instructor"

    Ed Mathey
    Ed MatheyNorthern Illinois University
  • "The Eli Springback Tee is a great hitting device for athletes of all ages. I have gone through a number of tees over the past 15 years coaching college softball, from the hard plastic tees that damaged bats to the poorly made flimsy tees that only lasted a month. I have spent countless dollars trying different tees and the Spring Back Tee is, by far the most durable and functional tee I have seen or used. Its assembly and breakdown make it easy to use and travel with. Our players and coaches love it and you will too. It will be the last tee that you will ever purchase.

    Mike Smith
    Mike SmithMcNeese University
  • "We have used the spring back tee for a full season now and have found the quality of construction to be the best we have seen in nineteen years of coaching. The heavy base and spring coil system has provided our hitters many opportunities to improve their swings daily through smooth and consistent feedback."

    Paul Svagdis
    Paul SvagdisAzusa Pacific University

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